June 10, 2024

Mock Tender Steak: Cooking Tips and Recipe Ideas

The mock tender steak, a cut of beef from the back of the cow, is part of the chuck section. Specifically, it comes from the point of the chuck primal next to the top blade. Due to its connective tissue and fibrous muscle makeup, this cut is tougher compared to others.

Various Names for Mock Tender Steak

Mock tender steak goes by several names, including chuck fillet steak, chuck clod tender, shoulder tender, petite fillet, fish steak, chuck tender steak, tender medallions, and shoulder petite tender.

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Optimal Cooking Methods

Braising is the optimal cooking method for mock tender steak to retain moisture and create tenderness. If grilled, the steak requires tenderizing with a mallet and a flavorful marinade containing acid to break down tough fibers. This steak has a rich beef flavor and is lean, with very little fat rendered during stew preparations.

Utilization in Recipes

Mock tender steak can be used in various recipes, especially those involving braising, stews, and soups. It is readily available in grocery stores or butcher shops.

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Storage Tips

For fresh mock tender steak, proper storage in the refrigerator is essential. Frozen steak should be wrapped airtight and defrosted in the refrigerator before use.

Specifics About the Cut

This cut, visually resembling tenderloin, needs special attention to become more palatable. Cooking techniques such as braising and smoking are highly recommended to tenderize the meat. Using both simple and flavorful ingredients, the braising process can transform this tough cut into a tender and tasty dish.

Mock Tender Steak: Quick Reference Guide
Characteristic Details
Other Names Chuck fillet steak, Chuck clod tender, Shoulder tender, Petite fillet, Fish steak, Chuck tender steak, Tender medallions, Shoulder petite tender
Optimal Cooking Methods Braising, Grilling (with tenderizing and marinade)
Utilization in Recipes Braising, Stews, Soups
Storage Tips Refrigerate for fresh; wrap airtight and defrost in refrigerator if frozen
Similar Cuts Tenderloin (visually similar but tougher)
Cooking Techniques Braising, Smoking
Grilling Instructions 2-step process: Tenderize first, then cook to infuse moisture and flavor
Nutritional Facts Calorie, protein, and fat content (per USDA data)
Chef Recommendations Braise or marinate for grilling, choose best quality cut, focus on tenderness
Interesting Facts Visually resembles tenderloin, economical, rich beef flavor

Cooking on a Traeger Grill

Cooking mock tender steak on a Traeger grill involves a 2-step process. First, tenderize the meat, then apply cooking methods that focus on infusing moisture and flavor. FAQs about this cut often include details about its tenderness, cost, cooking temperature, and best uses.

Nutritional Facts

According to the USDA, braised mock tender steak has specific nutritional values with details on calorie, protein, and fat content.

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Chef Recommendations

Chefs often recommend braising or marinating for grilling to prevent toughness. Additionally, choosing the best quality cut and focusing on tenderness can significantly improve the cooking outcome. Serving suggestions and other resources, like butchering guides, can also prove valuable for those working with mock tender steak.

Interesting Facts

Mock tender steak got its name due to its resemblance to the tenderloin, although it requires extensive tenderization to match that level of tenderness. This cut is also economical, providing a rich beef flavor at a lower cost compared to more popular cuts.

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